Holy Matrimony
Holy Matrimony

Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.(Mark 10:9 - NIV)

Holy matrimony is conducted at Wedding Chapel of Graha Bethany Nginden

Jl. Nginden Intan Timur 1/29 Surabaya.

Phone. (031) 5936880


Requirements :

Bride and groom need to collect the registration form, 6 months before the wedding date. The form and all the data have to be submitted 3 months before the wedding date.

Already baptized

Member of Gereja Bethany Indonesia congegrations and already have KAJ ( church member ID card)

You need to meet the minimum age for marriage (according to UU Perkawinan / UU No. 1 Tahun 1974 Pasal 7)

Copy of N1-N4 Model from Kelurahan (bride & groom)

Copy of Baptism Certificate (bride & groom)

Copy of Bethany Church member ID card / KAJ (bride & groom)

Copy of ID card /KTP (bride & groom)

Copy of Familly Certificate / KK (bride & groom)

Copy of Birth Certificate (bride & groom)

Copu of Death certificate of deceased parents  (bride & groom)

Copy of Rename certificate (bride & groom, parents)

7 Couple's close up photos (4x6) (on dof paper - groom at the right side of the bride - both have to wear official suits)





For more information please contact Church's office at:
Graha Bethany Nginden
Jl. Nginden Intan Timur I / 29 Surabaya
Phone. (031) 5936880